What Makes Foxbury Dental Worth 5 Stars? And What Does 5-Star Service Mean For You?

You can read online reviews for just about anything these days, including kitchen appliances, movies, and even dentists. But when you see that a new private dental practice like ours already has over 300 5-star reviews, what does that mean? What makes our patients feel compelled to share their positive experiences? Should it really affect who you choose to care for your smile?

In this blog, we’re going to share some of the ways that Dr Carmen Jimenez and her Foxbury Dental team continue to earn rave ‘5-star’ reviews and what that means for you.

So, what makes a visit to Foxbury Dental so great?

We’re pleased you asked!

Choosing a dentist that meets the needs of you and your family is so important.

Here are some of the reasons our patients reward us with 5-stars:

  • The best and caring team– Our team genuinely cares about our patients and looks forward to knowing them as individuals.
  • A relaxing environment  – Designed to look less like a dental clinic and more like a home, patients feel at ease from the minute they walk through our door.
  • Quality and informative care – We help patients understand what’s going on in their mouths and work closely together to personalise their treatment.
  • Everything your smile needs – from cleanings to fillings, Invisalign to teeth whitening, and everything in between, there’s no need to visit multiple dentists for the comprehensive care you and your family need.

How to initiate a 5-star patient experience?

It’s simple. We’re passionate about giving you the best! Our fixation on delivering a 5-star experience is all-encompassing. Whether we’re considering amenities, materials, or technologies, we always ask ourselves, “Does this give our patients a better experience?” We work hard to give patients the impression we’ve thought of everything down to the last detail … because we have!

Like any five-star experience, patients can expect a warm welcome and be made to feel special throughout their time with us. We’re not exaggerating when we say the focus is well and truly on you.

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We make your dental visit a real home from home experience

We work together to ensure that all patients are welcomed like a friend and treated like family – a real home from home experience.

Take our new clinic for example, situated within an elegant Georgian building, it combines modernity with the charm and charisma of a period property. Beautifully styled with stylish, comfortable seating, soft furnishings, and artwork on the walls, it’s quite unlike most dental clinics. Surrounded by friendly faces and a caring, gentle dentist who takes the time to explain your treatment every step of the way, even the most nervous of patients will feel at ease. 

Dentistry – it’s in our DNA!

You may be wondering who provides the dental care and how do you know that you can trust them with your smile?

Dr Carmen Jimenez comes from a dental background. Her father, sister, and two brothers are all qualified dentists and Orthodontists, and her mother and other sister are both dental hygienists – you could say dentistry is in her blood!

In 2009 she qualified as a dentist in her home country (Spain) at the University of Seville. Having worked at her father’s practice, where she learned the importance of building patient relationships, she moved to the UK in 2013 to expand her knowledge in both NHS and private practices. During that time, she also grew her oral and maxillofacial surgery skills. Thanks to Carmen’s outstanding dental experience, your smile is in safe hands.

Technology – One more reason to register with Foxbury Dental

Why does it matter that your dentist uses the latest technology to deliver modern dental care?

Firstly, technology allows many of our processes to be streamlined. This, in turn, makes for a more convenient and efficient treatment – what’s not to like about that?

Secondly, it enables us to provide more precise and comfortable care when treating a broad range of dental conditions.

Finally, cutting-edge technology allows us to spot oral problems before they develop further. Technology ensures we treat problems early while maintaining your healthy smile and keeping costs to a minimum. 

No insurance? No worries

We NEVER want a deficit of funds to prevent you from getting the 5-star dental care you need or, indeed for you to miss out on the exceptional dental care we provide. That’s why in addition to flexible finance options, we also offer a range of Foxbury Dental Care Plans –  our in-house Membership Savings Plan. 

We’re proud to offer 5-star dental care for less than 30p per day! 

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Taking back control of your oral health

A 5-star service doesn’t start and end at our dental practice. So when you’re flat out at work or busy in the home, there’s never a convenient time to down tools and phone your dental clinic to schedule an appointment with the dentist or hygienist. Our Foxbury Dental Patient Portal gives you the opportunity to access and manage all your dental information, appointments, and payments online,  securely and all in one place. With electronic access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you’re in complete control of your oral health at whatever time suits you.

Are you ready to experience 5-star dentistry?

Your smile is too important to avoid missing out on the regular dental care you need, so you might as well make it the best care possible. Here at Foxbury Dental, we’re incredibly proud of our 5-star reviews, so why not pay a visit to our Husband’s Bosworth dental practice and experience first-hand what 5-star dentistry really feels like.

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