Best Dental Practice 2022 | Leicestershire & Patient Care Excellence Award 2022

As a newly established, fully private dental practice geared towards helping patients of all ages with their general dentistry requirements, Foxbury Dental in Husbands Bosworth envisions making the trip to the dentist as pleasant and relaxing as it can possibly be – by creating an industry-leading  experience in a place that feels and more like a home.  

Situated within the confines of a stunning Georgian property,  the practice demonstrates high standards of professionalism combined with elegance. Although fully equipped with all the mod cons you might expect from a contemporary dentist, Foxbury Dental has successfully managed to retain the charm and  character of the old building. 

Established to enable Principal Dentist, Dr Carmen Jimenez to provide dentistry to her local community in a caring and responsible way, Foxbury Dental is family-owned and committed to ensuring that all patients receive the very best treatment and  value in their journey for better oral health. 

Foxbury Dental’s Business Director, Harry Leak, tells us, “We  strive to abolish the fear of coming to see a dentist, yet deliver an experience that is second to none, whilst putting plenty of smiles on the faces of adults, children, and families alike during the process! Our values stem purely from doing what is right for the  patient, treating every patient with care and respect, and ensuring they get a world-class experience.” 

As a new state-of-the-art dental practice operating in a village location, Foxbury Dental has no direct competition within an  eight-mile radius. The practice provides general dentistry such as fillings, tooth removal, root canal, crowns, and veneers, whilst also encouraging its patients and communities to practice  good oral hygiene, plus being on hand for any emergencies that  may arise. A set of hygiene services to clean patients’ teeth are  available, as is a range of whitening treatments. 

Setting it apart from its competitors, Foxbury Dental is also keen to become a green and community-based business, offering eco products for sale, and local community or charity incentives on  profits at the end of each financial year. Not only does Foxbury  Dental give back to its community through donations, but it treats its patients with the care and respect that they deserve every time. 

Recently, for its dedication to customer care, Foxbury Dental was recognised in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022 and achieved not one, but two prestigious titles, these being Best Dental Practice 2022 – Leicestershire, and the coveted Patient Care Excellence Award 2022. 

Now, Harry and the team have big plans for the future. Growth is very much on the cards with two ‘chairs’ in operation for six days a week, plus opening on a Saturday and a late night in the week in order to be more accommodating for people who work long hours. 

There are also plans to create more digital content for the  website, including videos and social media posts, in order to get the brand name out there and make people aware of this cutting edge facility. 

“A big focus of ours this year is to fully automate recalls and to get more of our patients onto our in-house care plans for routine dental care,” Harry states. “We already have more than 400 signed up to our plans but want to double or treble this in 2023. 

“With a business manager now in situ, I can now properly focus on driving the practice forwards with innovation, with multiple apps and systems to be introduced to streamline and improve what we do even further throughout our practice.”

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