Our Covid-19 safety plan

#1 Air purification

We’ve invested in air purifiers fhat are designed to purify air on a rapid scale. Using the latest HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) technology, our purifiers have the ability capture unknown airborne particles including those that spread Covid19, thus reducing its transmission through the air.

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#2 Cleaning between patients

In addition, for your peace-of-mind all treatment areas contain non-porous surfaces and have a seamless finish to ensure the highest standard of infection control and all rooms will be cleaned between each patient visit. Our team will also be wearing protective safety clothing and face wear, and our reception staff will be positioned behind screens.

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#3 Controlled check-in

Prior to your arrival you’ll be instructed to download and fill in any patient visit forms. This can be done via mobile, laptop or desktop or alternatively, you can check in from the car park.

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#4 Hands, face & space

Once inside our building you are advised to use the hand sanitiser provided, maintain social distancing and wear a face covering. This is to ensure that you and everyone else, remains protected.