Isn’t It Time You Visited A Private Dentist?

In the UK, Dental patients have the choice of visiting either an NHS or a private dentist. But because the NHS offers considerably cheaper treatment, why would you need private dental care?

Reason #1 – Shorter waiting times

One of the lures of private dental treatment is shorter waiting times. Patients seeking NHS dental treatment can find themselves waiting weeks or months – and sometimes, that’s to confirm an appointment.

Waiting time also varies depending on where you reside. People living in Devon and Cornwall, for instance, face an average wait of 477 days to see a dentist. At the same time, recent data showed that over a million adults had tried and failed to secure an appointment with an NHS dentist.

In comparison, as a private dentist in Leicestershire, we can fit patients in for an appointment with hardly any wait at all. Chances are it might even be the same week.

We may not have mystic powers, but we know what you’re probably thinking right now.
“I can’t afford to visit a private dentist.”

But we beg to differ, and this brings us on to reason #2

Reason #2 – Private dentistry is more affordable than you think

Many people perceive the cost of private dental care to be beyond their means, so it may surprise you to know that over a quarter of the adult UK population is registered with a private dentist.

Many private patients receive the excellent service they do because they signed up for a monthly payment plan. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for NHS patients who typically have to pay in full at the end of their treatment.

While payment plans help private patients to budget their dental care, it also means they are more committed to regular care with a dentist they trust and, as a result, are more likely to keep their appointment.

At Foxbury Dental, we have various dental care plans to help you get the routine treatment you need. Our dental plans enable you to spread the costs of regular dental care such as x-rays, dental check-ups, and hygiene appointments, including a 10% discount over paying ad hoc.

We also offer flexible finance options (some interest-free) for high-cost cosmetic treatments such as dental implants and veneers. By providing payment flexibility, more patients can afford the dental treatments they want or need without worrying whether treatment will break the bank.

So what other reasons are there to consider visiting our private dentist near Rugby?

Reason #3 – Comprehensive dental care

Generally, because NHS dentists have less time overall, they are limited in the range of dental treatments they provide.
An NHS dentist will provide the necessary treatment to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy and pain-free. A clinical assessment and judgment will be needed to determine what treatment is appropriate.

Typically this includes restorative treatments such as fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures. You can also have an abscess treated on the NHS and endodontic (root canal) treatment.

On the other hand, because private dentists aren’t tied to such restrictions, they can offer a broad and diverse range of dental treatments and services to patients, not just general dental care.

As an example, a private dentist may provide preventative, restorative, cosmetic, and orthodontic treatments, including the latest braces and clear aligners. It’s not uncommon for private dentists to provide facial fillers and injectables to complement a beautiful smile.

Ultimately, many private dental patients can have multiple treatments under the same roof. This means greater convenience and (on occasion) because treatments can easily be co-ordinated, cheaper overall costs.

Reason #4 – Longer appointments

If you’ve ever visited an NHS dentist, have you ever felt that your appointment or treatment felt rushed?
That’s through no fault of the dentist because they get minimal time with patients in general. An NHS dental check-up, for example, is around ten minutes.

When you choose private dental care we’re not governed by time in the same way as NHS dentists, so the focus is well and truly on you and not the clock.

That same dental check-up with a private dentist may be half an hour. That’s because we can afford the time to sit with you and answer your questions and concerns and discuss your smile goals.

Ultimately, this enables us to tailor a treatment plan based on your dental needs, budget, and lifestyle.
Private dentists can also set aside time to talk patients through their dental options, ensuring they reach a confident and well-informed decision.

While an NHS dentist is ideally placed to fix current dental issues, a private dentist also considers patients’ long-term dental health.

Reason #5 – Flexibility

There’s a lot to be said for flexibility when visiting a dentist. Private dentists, for example, don’t always limit themselves to the standard offices hours of 9-5 pm. Instead, they may provide evening and weekend appointments which are very useful if you have a busy work schedule or your children have to abide by the school timetable.

Choice of dentists

Remaining with the subject of flexibility, some private dental surgeries have a team of dentists, giving you the freedom to choose who you want to see. Patients can also make an appointment with different dentists in the same practice who may have a particular interest in the area of treatment they need.

Sometimes there is no choice within an NHS dental practice, and there may be just one dentist to see.

Reason #6 – Modern facilities and technologies

The NHS currently spends around £225 billion per year on dentistry, and around £550 million is recouped from patients. This means there isn’t an endless pot of cash to spend on the latest facilities and technology.

On the other hand, private dental practices are more likely to invest in modern facilities and state-of-the-art technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Technology includes intraoral scanners and 3D computerised imaging, meaning faster diagnosis and safer and more comfortable treatments for patients in a warm and welcoming environment.

Now we have six solid reasons why you might want to consider private dentistry.

What should you look for in your ideal private dentist?


We’ve all heard horror stories of people that have gone to a dentist in pain only to suffer double the pain and twice the cost due to a poor job. One of the prime factors is to choose a dentist you trust and who has experience in the type of dental work you need. Consider scheduling a consultation where you can ask about the dentist’s experience and meet them without any obligation.


One of the main reasons people put off going to the dentist is fear. Did you know, for example, that one in three dental patients suffers from some form of fear or anxiety before a dental appointment?

Even if you don’t suffer from dental anxiety, visiting a dentist can be daunting. Ask yourself if the dentist has put you at ease. Is the environment calm and welcoming – a place where you feel relaxed and looked after? Go with your gut instinct.

A quality private dentist will have no qualms about answering all your questions. It’s essential that you feel safe and that the dentist puts you first. Finding a dentist you feel comfortable around, and trust can be challenging. But it’s more than worth it. Whatever your dental needs, an excellent private dentist will make you their top priority, offer you a comprehensive range of treatments, and let you book an appointment at a time that suits you.

Are you looking for a private dentist in Leicestershire?

At Foxbury Dental, we’re a private dentist serving Rugby, Lutterworth, Market Harborough, and Leicester.

We provide exceptional family-centred dental care in a comfortable, relaxed setting where you’ll quickly feel at ease. But don’t just take our word for it. Why not schedule an appointment with Dr Jimenez and her team and discover the benefits of visiting a private dentist for yourself.

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