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If you need dental treatment but are struggling to find upfront funds, then come and talk to the team at Foxbury Dental about financing your treatment.

We provide patients with a simple and affordable way to get the treatment they need with flexible financing options across a wide range of dental treatments and services.

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The benefits to you include:

  • Getting the treatment you need when you need it – Putting off necessary treatment can result in more extensive dentistry and escalated costs further down the line.
  • Spreading the cost of finance over a suitable and manageable period allows you greater flexibility in the ongoing care of your smile.
  • 0% finance or low interest payments are a far better alternative to high interest loans or credit cards.
  • Repayments are automated and will be taken every month automatically.

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Dental Finance -
How it works

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Receive a finance link - After your initial consultation we will send you a request by email or SMS

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Choose how to pay – Click the link and select the payment option that best suits you

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Complete the 2-minute credit application online - and you’ll get an instant decision

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If accepted, sign the agreement using an e-signature and you’re good to go!

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Payments are monthly with 0% financing options up to 12 months and low rates for anything up to 5 years.

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Applying is easy and won’t affect your credit score if unsuccessful. But if you are unsure, come and talk to the team at Foxbury Dental who can advise you more.

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