Smile-Healthy Gift Ideas For Christmas

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Are you struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for someone special (or two) and close to giving up? They either have everything, don’t want more ‘stuff’, or are somewhere in between.

A Christmas gift doesn’t have to be another pair of slippers, a fragrant candle, or a bottle of wine. If you’re totally out of Christmas shopping ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’d like to share some smile-healthy gift ideas that will; 

  • Be useful
  • Promote good oral health
  • Make someone that loves a new gadget very happy
  • Potentially save a loved one some money
  • Make their smile brighter

Smile-healthy Gifts For Everyone  

Electric Toothbrushes

We’ve yet to find anyone who has tried an electric toothbrush and switched back to using a manual toothbrush, so you can be confident that your gift will be well received. Electric toothbrushes remove plaque better than manual toothbrushes and are ideal for removing surface stains from tea, wine, and coffee and giving the gums a good massage. Here’s a recent article reviewing various models at all price points. There are many great options, but we’d suggest (1) looking for a rechargeable brush and (2) providing the recipient with a set of replacement brush heads. 

Water Flosser

A water flosser or irrigator, as they’re also known, is an alternative to traditional string flossing and utilises a machine that directs a stream of water into the mouth and gums. It uses water pressure to remove plaque, pushing food debris away from the teeth and massaging the gums for improved oral hygiene. They’re ideal for people with braces and can reach areas that can’t be reached with flossing. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry comparing the efficiency of water flossing with string floss and a manual toothbrush revealed that the group who used the water flosser had a 74.4% reduction in plaque compared to 57.7% in the group who used string floss. Other studies showed that people using a water flosser saw a decline in gingivitis and bleeding gums compared with string floss. While a water flosser costs considerably more than dental floss, it’s cheaper than visiting a periodontist for gum disease treatment. 

Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

A take-home whitening kit is a smile-healthy gift that keeps on giving and can be purchased over the counter or from Foxbury Dental. The differences between an over-the-counter whitening kit and a customised kit from our dental team are as follows:

  • Strength – As dentists, we can offer our patients a whitening kit that contains up to 6% hydrogen peroxide instead of 0.1% for over-the-counter trays. As such, the bleaching agents can remove surface and deeper stains for beautiful, long-lasting results
  • Accuracy – Custom trays from the dentist are built from an exact impression of your mouth, ensuring the whitening gel remains in the trays and doesn’t get washed away by saliva.

Our custom-made teeth whitening trays are yours to keep. All you need to do to top up your whiteness is drop by our clinic and request additional syringes of whitening gel. 

Philips Sonicare Subscription 

What a tremendous gift for a partner or family member that’s guaranteed to keep them smiling. Sign up for the Philips Sonicare Try and Buy subscription. A high-spec Sonicare toothbrush tailored to specific oral hygiene needs will be delivered directly to the door with 12 convenient monthly payments. 

Play-Doh Drill ‘n Fill Dentist Set

We couldn’t resist adding this last gift suggestion to our Christmas gift list. What child doesn’t love playing with Play-Doh? This fun kit enables children to take on the role of a dentist by drilling out and filling cavities, making false teeth, and metallic-coloured braces. It also has ten dental tools, including a toothbrush, flosser, pick and mirror. Open wide, please!

Useful Christmas Gifts

Smile-Healthy Stocking Fillers For Adults

These gift ideas are super cool for stocking fillers or Secret Santa because they’re guaranteed to be used daily. 

Toothpaste Squeezer

A toothpaste tube squeezer or wringer could be the perfect practical gift for the economy-minded person on your gift list. The toothpaste tube is inserted into a rolling shaft, and the handle is rotated to squeeze out the toothpaste, avoid waste and save money. 

Green Tea 

Green tea has long been used in China and Japan for medicinal purposes but did you know it’s good for your oral health too? One of the main benefits of green tea is that it reduces inflammation, which is good news for your gums. Because gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss, it’s important to prevent inflammation and infection in the mouth. According to the latest research, green tea can also reverse tooth decay, remineralising tooth enamel and dentin. Let someone you love discover their passion for tea with loose leaf organic green tea.

Healthy Christmas Gifts


Christmas is a great time to indulge in a selection of mini cheese varieties and it’s also good for the teeth. Cheese helps protect tooth enamel from acid erosion caused by tea, wine and coffee etc. by increasing the production of saliva which acts as a neutralising agent and restoring the PH levels in the mouth.

Healthy Christmas Gifts for Children

Dental-Friendly Stocking Fillers For Kids

Years ago, kids would receive a tangerine and a sugar mouse in their stocking, but a better substitute for their oral health  may include one or more of the following:

Toothbrush Timer 

We’re always harping on about brushing our teeth for two minutes to maintain good oral health. Toothbrush timers run for approximately two minutes and are ideal if you don’t have an electric toothbrush that lets you know when two minutes are up. These cute smiley-face toothbrush timers make great stocking fillers for kids and help make brushing more productive and fun. 

Character Toothbrush

From Peppa Pig to Spiderman and Paw Patrol, a toothbrush featuring your little one’s favourite cartoon character will have them itching to brush their teeth. Selecting a character toothbrush makes brushing more exciting and helps them maintain regular oral hygiene. 

Flavoured toothpaste

From banana to orange, watermelon, strawberry and even bubblegum, there’s no shortage of tasty toothpaste flavours designed to encourage young children to brush their teeth and gums. 

Merry Christmas | Foxbury Dental

Merry Christmas and Happy Brushing! 

So there you have it, some smile healthy gift ideas for Christmas.

 Don’t forget, you can always treat yourself to a Christmas gift too. Why not sign up for one of our dental plans and spread the cost of your routine dental care, including a 10% discount over paying ad hoc. Each plan includes dental check-ups, x-rays and hygiene visits via an affordable and convenient monthly payment plan. We also offer care plans for all the family. 

Remember that even with the best oral health products, you’ll still need to visit the team at Foxbury Dental regularly. So once you’re ready for a much-needed check-up, contact us, and we’ll get you off to a flying start for the New Year.

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