What are dental implants?

Consider a dental implant as an artificial tooth root, only one that looks more like a metal screw. Surgically inserted into the jaw, it bonds over time with the surrounding bone tissue to provide a secure platform for a dental crown.

Did you know that dental implants aren’t just used for single tooth replacements?

They can also be used to replace multiple teeth with the help of an implant-supported bridge, or to fix an entire denture for anyone missing most or all of their teeth.

Whatever your missing tooth requirements, our dentist will carry out a full examination including detailed X-rays to work out the best plan for you. In addition, they will also need to consider your medical history since you need to be in good general health to undergo oral surgery.

If you’re suffering from missing teeth, dental implants at our private practice in Husbands Bosworth may provide the ideal solution for you. Natural-looking and topped with a beautiful dental crown, they fit seamlessly into your smile for long-lasting results.