Try On A New Smile With Invisalign SmileView and iTero Outcome Simulator Technology

Have you ever wondered how your teeth will look like after Invisalign® treatment?

The good news is that you don’t need to guess the end results. Using advanced technologies such as SmileView™—the virtual teeth makeover app—and the iTero Invisalign outcome simulator, patients are able to see the outcome of Invisalign teeth straightening treatment before getting started.

Prior to diving into the ins and outs of this latest technology, let’s talk briefly about Invisalign itself.

What is it, and how does it work?

Invisalign is a discreet system of clear aligners that straighten teeth without the use of metal brackets and wires associated with traditional braces. Each aligner is custom made for each patient using advanced 3-D computer-imaging technology. This technology also designs the best treatment outcome for your smile.

When worn over the teeth like an invisible mouthguard, this revolutionary product can correct a wide range of orthodontic problems, including crowded teeth, gapped teeth, overbites, underbites, protruding front teeth, and more!

So now you know about Invisalign, let’s talk more about the technology behind it.

Everything You Need To Know About Invisalign SmileView At Foxbury Dental?

The Invisalign SmileView app is a revolutionary way to visualise and plan your perfect smile. Now, it’s never been easier to define your smile and plan treatment using your smartphone or tablet.

It’s as simple as taking a selfie and then letting the app work its magic to create a simulated picture of how your teeth will look after Invisalign treatment.

itero smileview

Using SmileView – 5 steps to success!

Using SmileView is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

If you can take a photo, you can use SmileView!

  • Simply use your mobile device to visit Foxbury Dental Invisalign and click on “Try on a New Smile.”
  • Fill in your contact information to access any results.
  • Hit the “Take Your Selfie” button. In doing so, you confirm that you’re at least 18 years old.
  • Click away until you get a photo that you’re happy with.
  • Wait around 60 seconds, and our app will return a computer-generated image of how your teeth will look after Invisalign treatment.

It’s important to note that it is purely a simulation, albeit a lifelike one, and the final treatment outcome may differ.

Want to know more?

How SmileView benefits you

Try before you buy

Perhaps the most significant benefit of SmileView is that you can get a reasonable idea of what your teeth will look like after Invisalign treatment—and what an improvement it will make to your smile.

Simply log on, snap a photo and check the results!

SmileView app helps you to decide

If you’re on the fence about Invisalign and are not sure if it’s the right treatment for you, SmileView will help you decide, at no cost to you!

No commitment at this point

As a relatively new technology, not everyone is aware of its existence. At Foxbury Dental, we’ve been using the technology for a little over six months, and during this time, we’ve been making patients aware of the benefits.

However, if you’re simply weighing up your options, the good news is that you don’t need to commit to treatment at this point. Simply log on to our portal, follow the instructions, submit a picture for simulation, and get the results.

If and when you’re happy to proceed with Invisalign treatment, all your details are sent through to us automatically and we should already have your before and after pictures. By streamlining the process in this way, treatment is cost-effective, convenient, and simple!    

Minor improvements, significant changes

Understandably it may be hard to visualise how the smallest improvements can make such a significant impact on your smile. SmileView allows you to see what that result will look like before you get started – a kind of try before you buy!

So what next?

Once you’re happy with your SmileView results, arrange an appointment for an Invisalign smile assessment with Carmen, our Foxbury Principal Dentist.

Firstly, she will ensure that you’re a good candidate for treatment. This is important because not everyone is suitable for Invisalign. She will also take the time to talk you through the treatment process, how long it is likely to take, and, of course, the cost.

Remember, Invisalign treatments are tailored to the individual, so prices will differ from patient to patient, depending upon the complexity of your case and the Invisalign treatment that is most suited to you.

iTero Invisalign Outcome Simulator – Taking it to the next level

We take your treatment planning one step further using the iTero simulator—a chair-side, cloud-based application.

Our state-of-the-art iTero Outcome Simulator produces crystal clear images of how teeth may look after treatment completion. This enables you to visualise the outcome. Any tweaks or adjustments can also be made virtually in real-time, allowing you to show us exactly how you want your smile to look.

How does iTero scanning technology work?

The iTero scanner provides an optimised scanning and treatment experience that allows for a more accurate, faster, and convenient way of creating Invisalign impressions. The device scans the teeth directly and uploads information directly to an iPad app or cloud-based software. This gives us access to a high-quality digital image that can be used for designing treatment plans.

Digitally scanning the mouth means that we can create custom aligners without the need for messy alginate dental impression material and uncomfortable impression trays.

All in all, the process is quick, comfortable, and convenient.

Get involved in your smile creation!

At Foxbury Dental, we invest in the latest technology to give you the best possible treatment outcomes.  If you’ve decided to pursue Invisalign treatment and are ready for an obligation-free consultation, contact us today, and we’ll work with you to help achieve the confidence-boosting smile you really want.

Call today on 01858 455 100 to book your smile consultation or visit our website to book online

Want to know more? Let’s answer some frequently asked questions

How soon will I receive my pictures with SmileView?

It’s quick—It only takes around 60 seconds to show you how your new smile will look. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can access your pictures at any time.

Is Invisalign SmileView the same process as for direct-to-consumer aligners?

No. SmileView enables you to see how your smile might look after Invisalign treatment, and you will need to go to a dentist to have the treatment.

With DTC aligners, you don’t usually see a dentist. Everything is done online, and impression kits are sent to you in the post. This is not the same as Invisalign treatment using SmileView technology

Invisalign is a comprehensive, highly customised treatment performed by a trained and licensed dental provider. Your dentist will monitor you regularly to ensure that treatment is progressing as intended and that you are not having any problems.

By closely monitoring your treatment and measuring progress, we provide you with accurate results and can make minor adjustments to your treatment plan as required—something that may not be possible if you’re not checking in regularly with an online provider.

Am I able to see the results of my iTero Invisalign Outcome Simulation?

Absolutely. Clinicians can share a patient’s 3D simulated treatment outcome via a password-protected patient portal. Signing in enables the patient to view their simulation at any time via a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Will I pay more for state-of-the-art, computer-simulated treatment?

No, everything is included in your Invisalign treatment price. Your final treatment plan will tell you how many aligners you need, how long the treatment will take, and how much it costs. There is nothing else to pay.

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