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The role of the hygienist

A hygienist works closely with the dentist helping to diagnose, treat and maintain a patient’s oral health. When gum disease is detected, they can put a treatment plan in place to halt the progression of the disease and restore good oral health.

Keeping teeth free from plaque is vital as hardened plaque (tartar) becomes impossible to remove with a toothbrush alone, particularly without professional help. This means that it can accumulate below the gumline triggering infection and gum disease.

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Benefits of a hygiene appointment

A hygienist is specially trained in scaling and cleaning and is able to spend more time with you, over several appointments when necessary, to get your oral health back on track. Once any necessary dental work has been completed, we recommend regular hygienist appointments to maintain good oral health and to prevent further problems such as cavities and gum disease from occurring in the future.