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For Foxbury Dental

Refer a friend

How It Works

Are you happy with our current dental service?

Would you like to ensure your family and friends get the same level of outstanding dental care?

We make it easy for you to do just that with our new technology-led refer-a friend-app.

Suitable for iOS, Android, and PC/MAC, just click the link here to get started.

Getting started is easy using these 5 simple steps

  • Visit our web app link and register with your email address
  • Share your unique referral code with friends, family, and colleagues
  • Once signed up, they get 15% off a new patient exam
  • You earn a £25 treatment voucher
  • Rinse and repeat

It really is that simple!

The rules

You need to be over the age of 25 to participate and use your voucher within 12 months of issue. Vouchers can be redeemed over the phone or in our practice.

Other than that, there’s no limit to the number of referrals you can bring in or vouchers you can receive, so what are you waiting for?

Spread the word!

We’re all too quick to talk about bad service, so why not change the perception and talk about good service while helping your friends and loved ones in the process.

If you love the service we provide and want to shout about it as much as we do, come and talk to us about our refer a friend programme.

Registration takes a couple of minutes, and you’re good to go!

To find out more, email us at [email protected] or call us on 01858 455 100. Alternatively…

Download the app


Still Not Sure How It Works?

How do I register with the app?

Simply click on one of the links to start the process. You’ll need to register with your email address to sign in. If you’re viewing on a mobile device it will ask you to download the application via a shortcut on your home screen for quick easy access when you need it.

How do I share my unique reference code?

On the home screen, there’s a page with the code that allows you to share. Simply click on the code and sharing options will appear like WhatsApp, Facebook, email etc. Then, go ahead and share away as many times as you want.

Alternatively, the app also has a QR code that allows people to scan and download the code when you’re with them.

I’m not very tech-savvy and don’t know what to do?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our team are here to help you through the process step-by-step, from registering to sharing, to redeeming your vouchers.


Spread the Foxbury magic

Refer a friend