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Do you need an emergency dentist?

People aren’t always sure whether they have a dental emergency and many put off calling for fear of being thought a nuisance. Our caring and compassionate team are sympathetic to anyone who is in discomfort, whether they’re suffering from toothache or have lost a filling, we want to help.

So if you are experiencing any form of pain or are simply concerned that something isn’t right, then call us right away to book an appointment.

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What to expect

We allocate time in our working schedule for people who feel that they have a dental emergency. When you visit us for your emergency appointment, Dr Jimenez will listen to your concerns, carry out an oral examination and take any x-rays when needed.

Once the problem has been diagnosed, she will determine whether you need urgent treatment right away or whether she can simply make you feel more comfortable and book you in for an appointment within the next day or so. Either way, by the time you leave us, you will be feeling a whole lot better.